The True Reason The United States Government Doesn’t Offer Its Citizens Universal Healthcare

The True Reason The United States Government Doesn’t Offer Its Citizens Universal Healthcare

Over this past year we experienced the most intense pandemic to date in the United States and around the world.  Life as we know it completely changed as we were forced to shut down schools and businesses, work remotely, stand six feet apart, wear masks, and stay in our homes.  Prior to the pandemic, a small portion of American citizens were likely aware that the United States Government has never wanted to take accountability for the health and safety of the American people, but over the past year it became more evident than ever before. 


The United States Government has never once wanted to take accountability for the health and safety of the American people.  A great example of this is the United States Government not offering its citizens universal healthcare.  We as the American citizens pay more in taxes than just about any other country in the world.  Yet many of those countries offer their citizens, citizens who pay far less in taxes than we do here in the United States, universal healthcare.


Another great example of this was how the United States Government handled the pandemic.  80% of Covid-19 hospitalizations and 80% of Covid-19 deaths were people who were obese.  Yet not once did you hear the government, nor the mainstream media, nor any of the most educated medical professionals in the world, talk about diet and exercise.  All you heard was masks, social distancing, hand sanitizer, and now vaccines.


So why is it that the United States Government, the mainstream media, and the most educated medical professionals in the world, never made mention of diet and exercise during a pandemic in which four out of every five deaths were due to poor diet and exercise and not a virus that was killing far less than 1% of people?  It’s because these entities were incentivized not to.  Incentives drive human behavior and therefore incentives drive the world that we live in.  So if the United States Government is supposed to have our best interest in mind, how come they’re incentivized not to have our best interest in mind?  It’s because it is incredibly profitable for us to be sick. 


Major corporations like McDonald’s for example, or major industries like the industrial farming industry for example, make a ton of money on the front end when we consume their very unhealthy products.  Then, once we develop chronic illnesses like diabetes or heart disease from consuming their products, it’s time for the most profitable industry in our country, the pharmaceutical industry, to make their money on the back end.  Every thirty days, as consistently as someone would pay their rent, pay their car payment, or pay their cell phone bill, they’re also likely paying the pharmaceutical industry for a prescription or oftentimes multiple prescriptions for their chronic illness.  The United States Government doesn’t do anything about this system because they are incentivized by lobbyists from the pharmaceutical industry (as well as the industrial farming industry and major corporations like McDonald’s that profit on the front end of this system, along with lobbyists from similar industries and corporations), to do nothing about this system and keep it incredibly profitable for those involved.


At The Freedom Society, one of our goals is to be as transparent as we can with our members so you can best navigate your way through your life’s journey and create the life you desire.  Please, especially if you are an American citizen, do not believe that the United States Government has your best interest in mind.  In the United States, we have sick care (in which you’re treated only when you’re sick), not healthcare.  In an effort to be transparent, know that healthcare means taking care of your health in advance, before you get sick.  Doing things like eating healthy, keeping a sharp mind and positive energy, and getting the proper amount of exercise and rest.  These are all some of the best preventative measures you can take when it comes to your health and well-being. 


One last question I’ll pose to further prove my point about the United States Government truly not caring about your health but rather how you fit into a system for their own fiscal gain:


If the United States Government cared so much about your health and safety, why aren’t they offering free insulin and chemotherapy to their citizens the same way they’re now offering free Covid-19 vaccines to their citizens?


Think about it.

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